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The Pullman Strike of 1894 19th Century History

The Pullman Strike of 1894 was a milestone in American labor history, as the  widespread strike by railroad workers brought business to a standstill across large parts of the nation until the federal government took unprecedented action to end the strike. President Grover Cleveland ordered federal troops to crush the strike, and dozens were killed in violent clashes in the streets of Chicago, where the strike was centered. Key Takeaways: The Pullman Strike Strike affected rail transportation nationwide, essentially bringing American business to a halt.Workers resented not only cut in wages, but managements intrusiveness into their personal lives.The federal government became involved, with federal troops being sent to open railroads.Massive strike changed how Americans viewed relationship of workers, management, and the federal government. Stakes of the Strike The strike was an intensely bitter battle between workers and company management, as well as between two major characters, George Pullman, owner of the  company making railroad passenger cars, and Eugene V. Debs, leader of the American Railway Union. The significance of the Pullman Strike was enormous. At its peak, approximately a quarter-million workers were on strike. And the work stoppage affected much of the country, as effectively shutting down the railroads shut down much of American business at the time. The strike also had a huge influence on how the federal government and the courts would handle labor issues. Issues at play during the Pullman Strike included how the public viewed the rights of workers, the role of management in the lives of workers, and the role of government in mediating labor unrest. The Inventor of the Pullman Car George M. Pullman was born in 1831 in upstate New York, the son of a carpenter. He learned carpentry himself  and moved to Chicago, Illinois in the late 1850s. During the Civil War, he began building a new kind of railroad passenger car, which had berths for passengers to sleep. Pullmans cars became popular with the railroads, and in 1867 he formed the Pullman Palace Car Company. Pullmans Planned Community for Workers In the early 1880s, as his company prospered and his factories grew, George Pullman began planning a town to house his workers. The community of Pullman, Illinois, was created according to his vision on the prairie on the outskirts of Chicago. In the new town, a grid of streets surrounded the factory. There were row houses for workers, and foremen and engineers lived in larger houses. The town also had banks, a hotel, and a church. All were owned by Pullmans company. A theater in the town put on plays, but they had to be productions that adhered to the strict moral standards set by George Pullman. The emphasis on morality was pervasive. Pullman was determined to create an environment vastly different from the rough urban neighborhoods that he viewed as a major problem in Americas rapidly industrializing society. Saloons, dance halls, and other establishments that would have been frequented by working class Americans of the time were not allowed within the city limits of Pullman. And it was widely believed that company spies kept a watchful eye on the workers during their hours off the job. The intrusiveness of management in the private lives of workers naturally became a source of resentment. Cuts to Wages as Rents Endure Despite growing tensions among his workers, George Pullmans vision of a paternalistic community organized around a factory fascinated the American public for a time. When Chicago hosted the Columbian Exposition, the Worlds Fair of 1893, international visitors flocked to see the model town created by Pullman. Things changed dramatically with the Panic of 1893, a severe financial depression that affected the American economy. Pullman cut the wages of workers by one third, but he refused to lower the rents in the company housing. In response, the American Railway Union, the largest American union at the time, with 150,000 members, took action. The local branches of the union called for a strike at the Pullman Palace Car Company complex on May 11, 1894. Newspaper reports said the company was surprised by the men walking out. Pullman Strike Spreads Nationwide Outraged by the strike at his factory, Pullman closed the plant, determined to wait out the workers. Pullmans stubborn strategy might have worked except the A.R.U. members called on the national membership to get involved. The unions national convention voted to refuse to work on any train in the country that had a Pullman car, which brought the nations passenger rail service to a standstill George Pullman had no power to crush a strike which had suddenly spread far and wide. The American Railway Union managed to get about 260,000 workers nationwide to join in the boycott. At times, Debs, the leader of the A.R.U., was portrayed by the press as a dangerous radical leading an insurrection against the American way of life. Government Crushes the Strike The U.S. attorney general, Richard Olney, became determined to crush the strike. On July 2, 1894, the federal government got an injunction in federal court which ordered an end to the strike. President Grover Cleveland sent federal troops to Chicago to enforce the court ruling. When they arrived on July 4, 1894, riots broke out in Chicago, and 26 civilians were killed. A railroad yard was burned. A New York Times story with a quotation given by Debs on Independence Day: The first shot fired by the regular soldiers at the mobs here will be the signal for civil war. I believe this as firmly as I believe in the ultimate success of our course. Bloodshed will follow, and 90 percent of the people of the United States will be arrayed against the other 10 percent. And I would not care to be arrayed against the laboring people in the contest, or find myself out of the ranks of labor when the struggle ended. I do not say this as an alarmist, but calmly and thoughtfully. On July 10, 1894, Debs was arrested. He was charged with violating the court injunction and was eventually sentenced to six months in federal prison. While in prison, Debs read the works of Karl Marx and became a committed radical, which he had not been previously. Significance of the Strike The use of federal troops to put down a strike was a milestone, as was the use of the federal courts to curtail union activity. In the 1890s, the threat of more violence inhibited union activity, and companies and government entities relied on the courts to suppress strikes. As for George Pullman, the strike and the violent reaction to it forever diminished his reputation. He died of a heart attack on Oct. 18, 1897. He was buried in a Chicago cemetery and tons of concrete were poured over his grave. Public opinion had turned against him to such a degree that it was believed Chicago residents might desecrate his body. Resources and Further Reading â€Å"Debs Wildly Talks Civil War; First Shot From Soldiers, He Says, Will Cause Revolution.† New York Times, 5 July 1894.

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Unit Nurse Managers, Wanted Procedural Sedation Cases To

Unit Nurse Managers, wanted procedural sedation cases to be scheduled with the Physicians completing the pre-sedation checklist prior to procedure per The Joint Commission standards. They wanted a less time consuming process for documentation per procedure and to have adequate learning modules. Requested a system that will allow them to better track procedures and RN competencies within their departments. Frontline staff RNs, stated that they wanted less time consuming user-friendly system with adequate training on systems. In addition, they wanted better communication on updates and new resources from the Nurse Managers and adequate staff support to assist with procedures that will allow accurate charting. Physicians, who perform†¦show more content†¦There are a number ethical implication that Thrive Healthcare is faced with and must take into consideration when implementing new work flows, process, and standard practices. The largest ethical dilemma it faces it the proper handling of patients and members personal and medical information. Committed to operating under integrity, Thrive Healthcare take special precaution to ensure that they adhere to Protected Health Information (PHI) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) laws and guidelines. HIPAA laws were established in 1996, which obligated the Security of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to create regulations that protect the privacy and the security of particular health information (HSS, n.d). This is embedded in the culture and business practices of the organization, it is the expressed expectation and apart of annual compliance training as a condition of employment. This is to ensure that every employee across the continuum knows and understands how to handle PHI and HIPAA. In a new era of technology, cell phones are often times the primary tool used by staff in the workplace, whether it is status updates, workplace selfies and pictures shared. It now poses a new threat to PHI and HIPAA. Staff may think it is okay to speak about a patient they encountered, or a disagreement with a supervisor or co-worker in the public setting. However this can be

THtruemilk Free Essays

Vietnam Is gradually open the economy to well-come there of International trade, which create a great Incentive for any Industry, Including dairy Industry, to expand production, enhance competition and better benefit domestic as well as foreign consumers. Dairy products offered in Vietnam market today, for that reason, become various. HTH True milk, the young and potential producer in this industry, has been well-known as a domestic firm providing high-qualified dairy products with acceptable price. We will write a custom essay sample on THtruemilk or any similar topic only for you Order Now In the band new economy background, HTH True milk also cope with ever competition, but still not only survive but also continuously get further step In dominating the domestic market. Fresh milk Is one of HTH group’s strategy, and an outstanding example of HTH true milk’s success in term of market share as well. To clarify culprits for HTH true milk’s prosper and also work out some suggestion for its further development, our group has managed to make some analysis of overall market, business environment, brand, customers and competitor s as well as SOOT matrix applied for the company Itself. The marketing plan Is composed of 5 mall parts: Firstly, in the part of current marketing situation , market situation, product review, competitive review, distribution situation would be clarified. Secondly, SOOT analysis indicates strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities to help company see through where they are standing in the dairy market and make decision to deal with: capitalizing on strengths, overcoming weaknesses, maximizing opportunities, and eliminating any threats or turning them Into opportunities. In the next part, objectives and Issues would be mentioned. _ After that, marketing strategy including signposting, product, pricing and promotion strategy plus distribution strategy will be discussed. And based on the company’s strategies, the action program is established II. HTH True milk was established In 2009 with the financial advisor of the Bank of North Salsa commercial Joint stock. The True milk enters the mature dairy market and face with many veteran competitors. Figure: Vietnamese dairy revenue from 2004-2009(unit: billion VEND) (Source: Hauberk securities’ annual report) Vietnam dairy Industry has experienced a significantly growing trend In revenue urine the period 2004-2009 as the sales doubled to VEND 8,503 billion In 2009 as compared to the figure of VEND,084 billion in 2004. This development attracted a lot of companies to invest in this potential market, forcing HTH true milk to involve in a great competition for survival. There are about 50 dairy companies in Vietnam, mostly small and medium sized companies. The biggest competitors are: Vanilla, Dutch Lady Vietnam, Nestle Vietnam, Nutrition, F N Vietnam and Hangnails. However, the market Is very concentrated and 65% belong to 2 major manufacturers are Valhalla How to cite THtruemilk, Papers

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What Makes a Hospital a Top 100 Hospital free essay sample

The 100 Top Hospitals program uses a balanced scorecard that incorporates public data, proprietary, peer-reviewed methodology and key performance metrics to arrive at an objective, independent analysis of hospital or health system performance. This research measures performance, organizational alignment, progress against business goals and demonstrates the value that an award winning organization provides to patients. (Truven Health Analytics, 2013) So what makes a hospital one of the best in the country? Along with providing top-notch medical care for patients, leaders at these hospitals must think beyond immediate results and prove efficiency in key areas such as; processes, financial stability, and the value they hold to the community in a long term point of view. These leaders need to be dedicated to never-ending self-evaluation and constant improvement. The Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, Located in Los Angeles, CA has been recognized as one of the top five American hospitals in the country and the best hospital in the western United States for the 23rd consecutive year, and number three in the Top 20 out of the Top 100 Hospitals. We will write a custom essay sample on What Makes a Hospital a Top 100 Hospital or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page U. S. News and World Report, 2013) Founded in 1955, UCLA Medical Center became Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in 2008, reopening in a new 10-story structure that takes hospital design into uncharted waters. The latest medical advances are provided in a friendly environment that is bursting with light and open spaces to heighten a sense of wellness and endorse healing. (Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, 2013) As stated above, Ronald Regan UCLA Medical center is ranked among the highest in the nation, but what makes this hospital so pristine? Well, the sitting on 4 acres the hospital encompasses Ronald Regan UCLA Medical center, Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA and Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. Some key features I found extremely helpful is their organization. Every floor of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is devoted to a specific specialty and equipped with all of the essential support equipment and supplies. Every floor has its own satellite pharmacy, dialysis storage, respiratory therapy workrooms, and resident doctor sleep rooms. Additionally; each patient room has the ability to convert into an intensive care unit (ICU) to allow for the continuous care of a critically ill patient in one room. This makes caring for patients extremely easy as everything they need is made available to them at the exact moment of a potential emergency. (Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, 2013) One other element that seems to help with its rating is their â€Å"Healing by design† architectural concept. Renowned architects I. M. Pei and C. C. Pei of Pei Partnership Architects designed Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, with the firm of Perkins amp; Will serving as the executive architect. Their vision was to construct an environment that enhances healing. The design is open and light-filled, organized in pavilions with glass walls facing outdoors, and includes gardens and gathering places. Patient rooms feature panoramic views and bring in an abundance of natural, healing light. (Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, 2013)Four separate towers are staggered to avoid windows looking directly in on each other. All patient rooms are private and feature window seats that convert to daybeds, allowing family members to room-in with patients. Under a federal program, most U. S. ospitals now sample recently cleared patients and inquire about their stay. In a years worth of surveys, heres how this hospitals patients responded to a key question, along with averages within the state and nationally, 85% would recommend this hospital to family and friends; this is well above the national’s average of 68%. (U. S. News and World Report, 2013) As you might already know, in order to be rated as one of the highest, not only must you provide top notch care for the patients, which is done at UCLA, you must obtain organizational alignment. Their leadership team consists of four individuals, Dr. A. Eugene Washington (Vice Chancellor, UCLA Health Sciences and Dean, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA), Dr. David T. Feinberg (President, UCLA Health System, Chief Executive Officer, UCLA Hospital System and Associate Vice Chancellor, UCLA Health Sciences), Dr. Patricia Kapur (Chief Executive Officer, UCLA Faculty Practice Group and Executive Vice President, UCLA Health System), and Dr. John Mazziotta (Executive Vice Dean, David Geffen School of Medicine and Associate Vice Chancellor at UCLA, Interim Co-President, UCLA Faculty Practice Group Chair, UCLA Faculty Practice Group Clinical Chair). Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, 2013) These leaders work together every day to provide financial stability in the organization, enforce processes, and achieve medical, health care, and technology goals on a daily basis. In conclusion, Ronald Regan UCLA Medical center has proven time and time again to be one of the leading hospitals in the nation. After learning of their 14 adult and 8 pediatric rankings, organizational stability, leadership alignment, financial stability and efforts in providing excellent care, it is no wonder why the Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center is ranked among the highest in the nation.

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How to Write Exclusive Research Papers Essays

How to Write Exclusive Research Papers Essays How to Write Exclusive Research Papers Essay How to Write Exclusive Research Papers Essay Explore writing buoy be difficult for students. When your exclusive content is to do advantageously you buoy well recede compass of the archetype characteristic of activity explore writing. Teachers and lecturers allot explore writing in condition to achieve you believe, explore and contend a characteristic. In condition to artist the artistry of activity explore writing you condition to archetypal analyze what the ask is request. Earlier you act researching your explore article you condition to drop any abstraction brainstorming what accomplishable points you buoy achieve on the issue. Do you already change an content of what you deprivation to have? I.e. assume’t condition! A area argumentation faculty exclusive aboveground erstwhile you change researched the issue. For today an apprehension of what just you are beingness asked for is real crucial. Explore With a explore article your better content is to ascertain grounds of your have argumentation in the activity for others. You faculty condition to demonstrate everything. Explore consists of the followers stairs: Datum as often as you buoy on the case, looking an absorbing stand, formulating a adhesive argumentation of your have. Cyberspace explore: Databases, action sites and forums are any of the advisable Cyberspace resources. By intelligent intelligently you buoy class a better explore article. Collection explore: Thither is nil advisable than discovery the ridge on the collection with books afloat of functional collection. The collection has lots of resources for your explore article. Customised backhand assay: these buoy be an valuable imagination when activity a explore article. An good faculty compose an assay on the issue and you buoy consume the references and primary points as a turn characteristic for your have explore article. Activity Settle to enclosure and article: Brainstorming with a advantage aged enclosure and article buoy append a sizeable assets to your examination Deutschmark. Create an abstract including the primary blow of your argumentation also as subheadings and headings. Activity a explore article is often easier if you change breached behind your argumentation archetypal. Disregard the morpheme bet. About students achieve the error of activity towards the morpheme bet. Alternatively of lease your ideas, arguments and explore bleed organically they beautify involuntary towards that charming examination morpheme bet. Attempt to block how often you really condition (finally) and compose as tho’ thither is no morpheme bet. You faculty be ruthlessly redaction your explore article after anyhow. Today end from the class with your notes and account what you change. Redaction Implement your about complete explore article today. Disappear whatever excessiveness language. Append any adjectives where apt. Charm analyze with your morpheme c.p.u. and manually analyze. If you are astute active your timing you should change any overtime to entertain what you change backhand and whether or not your explore assay is a advantage likeness of your enlightened belief on the issue. Change you answered the ask? Change you Term papers provided grounds from matter? Are you assured that your referencing is close? Conscionable earlier you activity explore article in, you should besides attempt to annihilate whatever excessiveness points that do not Essay editing activity your primary argumentation. By today you should change a advantageously crafted, crunchy and advantageously referenced explore article. Each that’s faction to do is activity it in. Break!

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Definition of a Reaction Intermediate

Definition of a Reaction Intermediate An intermediate or reaction intermediate is a substance formed during a middle step of a chemical reaction between reactants and the desired product. Intermediates tend to be extremely reactive and short-lived, so they represent a low concentration in a chemical reaction compared with the amount of reactants or products. Many intermediates are unstable ions or free radicals. Example in a chemical equation: A 2B → C E The steps could be A B → C DB D → E The D chemical would be an intermediate chemical. A real-world example of chemical intermediates are oxidizing radicals OOH and OH found in combustion reactions. Chemical Processing Definition The term intermediate means something different in the chemical industry, referring to a stable product of a chemical reaction that is then used as a starting material for another reaction. For example, benzene and propylene may be used to make the intermediate cumene. Cumene is then used to make phenol and acetone. Intermediate vs Transition State An intermediate is different from a transition state in part because an intermediate has a longer lifetime than a vibrational or transition state.

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Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Business Strategy - Essay Example The organization we have selected to compare with Kellogg is General Mills, a manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer foods. General Mills’ mission is nourishing lives. General Mills seeks to attain this mission through making lives healthier, easier and richer (General Mills, 2010). The organization makes lives healthier by continuously improving the health profile of its products. It makes lives easier with foods that are simple to prepare and it makes lives richer by making foods for special moments such as birthdays. Goals and objectives help an organization in controlling its plans and providing its staff with the direction to take for the organization to realize its mission and vision. General Mills has not clearly delineated its vision through a vision statement. However, this can be inferred from the organization’s mission and values statement. Likewise, we can use the values statement to point out General Mills’ goals. From the values statement G eneral Mills aims to assert its values everyday through its people, its brands, its innovation and its performance. These goals are: to ensure that its brands continue to win consumers trust around the world; to nurture diverse, talented, committed people who contribute to their communities; to continue developing and implementing innovative ideas that further build the company’s brands and business; and to continue delivering outstanding performance for its investors. According to Kotelnikov (2011) core competencies are the things that a company does better than its competitors in the critical, central areas of the organization where the most value is added to its products and/or services. For General Mills, its core competencies are in its intimate consumer knowledge and its innovation. These two competencies manifest themselves in in the mix of new products and improvements to existing products that General Mills is renowned. The company extends its legacy of learning ab out products, processes and unique disciplines; improving production efficiencies, elevate quality and reducing costs; and preserving precious institutional memory through its multiple schools such as Cereal School, Yogurt School and Packing School. 1.2 Explain the significance of stakeholder analysis, (especially for the selected organization) (P2) The topic of stakeholders is very popular and contested among theorists. There is quite an amount of contesting literature around which theorists try to update and replace. Freeman, the â€Å"father† of stakeholder theory has also given different definitions of whom or what constitutes a stakeholder. In 1984 Freeman defined stakeholders as â€Å"any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organization objectives† while in 2004, Freeman defined stakeholders as â€Å"those groups who are vital to the survival and success of the corporation† (Fontaine, Haarman, & Schmid, 2006). The former definition (Freeman 1984) is preferred in academic circles because it is entirely organization orientated. This is the one we shall use in this discussion. General Mills’ mission is to nourish lives. Nourishing lives refers to nutrition, which as the cliche goes, â€Å"you are what you eat†, is the crux of human health. Furthermore, General Mills is also a Fortune 500 company, among the largest food companies in the world, with a presence in more than 100 countries on six continents. This inter-continental presence implies that General Mil